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A: Yes, some types of bikes offer this versatility. The biggest factor is the tires. The smooth, thin tires found on many road bikes won't last long off of the pavement. However, many comfort/hybrid and mountain bikes have tires that can handle both paved and unpaved surfaces. It's also possible to switch out knobby tires for smooth ones on many of these bikes.

A: Yes, there are many different kinds of bicycle seats (known as saddles). Some are wider and shorter and specifically designed for women. Generally, men's seats are thinner and longer. Some have slits in the middle to relieve pressure points. Occasional riders often prefer saddles with generous amounts of gel padding to reduce riding soreness. Still not comfortable? Keep in mind that the angle of a seat can be adjusted, too. Generally, a flat seat or a very slight forward tilt is best.

A: Yes. When looking at a bike, compare the level of the seat and the handlebars. Generally speaking, the farther the seat is below the handlebars, the more comfortable the ride. Most comfort and hybrid bikes are set up this way. Seats that are higher than the handlebars, on the other hand, will allow you to ride in a more aerodynamic position and apply more power to the pedals. This lets you go faster, but it may not be as comfortable.

There are 2 basic handlebar styles. Drop-bar handlebars are lightweight, aerodynamic and sport a classic look. They are a better choice if you want to go fast. They also allow several riding and hand positions. Their downside is that they put you in lower, more hunched over position that may put more strain on your back. Flat-bar handlebars, though heavier than drop-bars, let you to sit up in a more relaxed position so you can better see the road and potential hazards. This upright position reduces strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders.

A: If your last bike was a 10-speed, then you may be surprised to learn that today's bikes commonly come with 18, 21, 24 or even 27 gears. You'll definitely want a bike with multiple gear options if you plan to ride any hills. However, the number of gears is not as important as how low the gearing goes. Gearing is achieved by having front chainrings and rear cogs with varying numbers of teeth, a discussion of which quickly gets beyond the scope of this introductory article. Unless you're tackling big inclines, this is not a major concern.


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